Mine began in Chernigov, a historic city in northern Ukraine. I was born there but raised in Canada from the age of 6 and while my Ukrainian is limited, I do speak Russian.

What makes me…me?

I am a firm believer in a few simple things: you’ll never know unless you try, there’s beauty in people’s stories, the extraordinary lies in the ordinary and, connection to people is what makes a photograph great.

I love

Comfy vans, dim sum and pho (low key noodleholic), the occasional and under-appreciated subtle beats of old school rap, making sound effects when words just aren’t enough…yep, I’m a kid at heart.

My passions

The profound…the nuances…the moments.

My photography style…

Vintage, moody, the warmth of natural, rich tones…the feel of a memory captured.

The goal

Bringing out the subtleties of deep emotion through imagery…creating your forever moments.