HI - I'm OLEA!

(Pronounced OH-LEE-AH)

(I also accept OO-LA-LA)

from the land of sunflowers, potato fields, and painted eggs

My story begins where all our stories start — when I was born. My life began in Chernigov, a historic city in Northern Ukraine. My family packed its bags and moved to Canada when I was 6 years old, and I’ve been embracing Canadian and Ukrainian culture since (no joke — wait till you hear the names of my pugs). I can speak a little Ukrainian, and a lot of Russian!

i married my high school sweetheart

My husband, Keegan, and I met in high school, on the original social media relic Nexopia. We've been each other’s number-one fan since. We had our own wedding ceremony in 2019 and added two fur babies, Perogie and Cheddar, to our family.

the little things

You can find me whipping out the best dance moves and making outrageous, completely made-up sound effects when words just aren’t enough...which is often.

My photos are candid, editorial, flashy, filmy, and the opposite of boring. If you got a fun idea for an engagement shoot, I'll already be scouting locations before you press send.

And lastly, you will always find me in comfy vans and eating dim sum or pho -low key noodleholic.